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Angels' Eyes Information 

Angels' Eyes Natural  contains no harsh chemicals, wheat, corn, soy or dyes and ALL ingredient are listed on the bottle.

For optimum results Angels’ Eyes Natural should be used every day, please see the dosage chart below to as to how much product your pet will need per kg. Consult your veterinarian before starting any supplement regime.

Please follow the instruction on the bottle/brochure.  Angels’ Eyes Natural should be used for a min of 90 days or  until the staining is clear. After this treatment you can cut down to a weekly dosage.

Shake the bottle before every use. ( Note that the scoop that comes with the product is a ½ teaspoon measure and is inside the bottle ).The easiest way to administer Angels’ Eyes Natural is to add the recommended weight dosage directly onto your pets food once daily. The dosage can be safely doubled if you are not seeing the desired results in the recommended treatment period.

Angels’ Eyes Natural is a 100% natural complex blend of plants and roots which will take time to enter your pets system, please allow 12 weeks for optimal results.

Angels’ Eyes Natural will not remove any existing staining, this will need to be trimmed away or cleaned before you commence your treatment. Angels’ Eyes Gentle Tear Stain Wipes can be used to help with this and to keep the eyes clear after the treatment.


Tear stains are usually caused by dye molecules called porphyrins. Porphyrins are iron-containing molecules, produced when the body breaks down red blood cells. Porphyrins are excreted primarily through bile and the intestinal tract, but in dogs a significant amount of porphyrin is excreted through tears, saliva and also urine.

When porphyrin containing tears or saliva sits on white fur for any length of time, stains result. These iron-related stains intensify/darken in the presence of sunlight.

All dogs produce porphyrin, but of course porphyrin staining is most noticeable on light colored dogs. If you have ever noticed a white dog who has been licking or chewing on his leg, the hair in that area will turn iron-brown in color as well.

•Keep your Pet Healthy: Have your pet checked at least twice a year by your veterinarian for ear infections and ear mites, gum infections, common yeast or bacterial infections of the eye (especially Red Yeast) and for clogged tear ducts.

•Check your Pet’s Diet: Artificial food colorings (dyes), artificial food additives and preservatives, corn, wheat and soy can cause allergies in cats and dogs. These allergies can cause tear stains. Also check for face rubbing, licking of front paws, head shaking, and ear inflammations these are other signs of allergies. Water minerals can also add to tear staining. Use bottled or filtered water in a stainless steel bowl.

•Keep your Pet’s Eyes Clean: Hair in the eyes can cause infections and irritation. Eyelashes can grow at abnormal angles and rub on the eye. Check your pet’s eyes regularly. Also check for collected dust, stray hairs, and dried tears. Any foreign matter in the eye is likely to lead to tear stains.

•Hygiene: Throw away your plastic food bowls. Use stainless steel, porcelain or glass. Plastic food bowls often develop tiny cracks that harbor bacteria and cause facial irritation.

If your tap water happens to be high in mineral content or iron, consider giving the dog bottled water, or use a filter to create cleaner water.



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